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Case Report
Encephalitis in Course of Mononucleosis- A Case Report
Józefczuk Jan1*, Kołeczek Małgorzta2, Kotarski Józef1, Lampart Urszula1 and Czarnecki Rafał1
Research Article
Epigenetic Damage Study, Modification in Methylation and DNA Repair in the Newborn Population of the General Hospital
Martin Noé RC1* and Betzabe MQ2
Case Report
Is Prenatal Testis Torsion Unsalvageable Event?
Turgay Kacan*, Muhammet Fatih Kilinc and Ali Ayyildiz
Case Report
Vitamin K Deficiency Bleeding: A Case Revealed by Intracranial Haemorrhage
D D Ndour1* and M Mbaye2