Juniper Publishers

Juniper Group happily provides article reprints at an affordable price with an aim to broadcast the research work in affordable and quality paper. Indeed providing reprints is to explore the research work to the world in the format the user need.

Juniper provides reprints in two ways

Hard Copy : We provide reprints with high quality & specially designed covers along with the journal name & logo on every page. Also, we provide customization option for cover Image. Or reprints will the mirror image of your articles.

Electronic copy : E-prints are the electronic copies of article in PDF format and E-prints must be ordered in quantities of at least 50. E-prints are print-enabled and allow users to print PDF for their use. The provided PDF link can be emailed or burned onto CD-ROMs.

Juniper provides the benefits to author for reprints like

  • Journal logo on each page
  • Journal name & ISSN no
  • Copyright to author
  • Article Citation on every page

Prices for reprints are provided below

Shipping charges differ from state to state within US and rest of the world. We prefer quick mail service depending on the shortest time of delivery.

Pages 50-100 100-500 500-1000
2 $359 $499 $599
4 $499 $649 $799
8 $599 $749 $899
10 $799 $899 $999