Case Report
Embolic Stroke and Nephrotic Syndrome: A Case Report and Literature Review
Nishanth Kodumuri, Sonal Mehta, Charmaine Jenkins , Ravish Kothari and X Michelle Androulakis*
Mini Review
Acupuncture Treatment for Facial Nerve Palsy - Is It Effective?
Zogopoulos Panagiotis1*, Gkorgkolis Vasileios2, Venetikidis Anastasios1, Vretakos Georgios1 and Rologis Dimitrios1
Review Article
Neuropathic Pain in Fabry Disease
Hande Türker1, Cetin Kursad Akpınar2* and Ayse Oytun Bayrak1
Mini Review
360° Fusion for Mid Lumbar Traumatic Instable Burst Fractures in Osteoporotic Patients
Tony Van Havenbergh*, Pieter Van Loo, Raf Van Paesschen, Kris De Smedt and Dirk Berghmans
Case Report
The Migration of Kirschner Wire from Left Distal Clavicle to the Intradural Anterior Thoracic Spine
Douglas Gonsales1*, Pedro Aguilar-Salinas1, Alessandro Cavicchioli3, Thiago Albonete Felício2, Felipe Bastos Lima2 and Nicandro Figueiredo3