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Mini Review
Research on Yoga: Still a Long Way to Go
Pamela Siegel* and Nelson Filice de Barros
Short Communicaiton
Mass Performance of Adapted Physical Activity: A “Population Strategy to Prevent Frailty”: Setting-Up and Running the Service-8 Years of Experience
Piastra G1,2, Lucarini S1, Cavagnaro P1, Ganzarolli L2, Vaccaro G2 and Gallamini M2,3*
The Effectiveness and Importance of Leg-Foot Massage
Satoshi Sasada*
Integrating Yoga Asanas in a Movement Science Course
Ulrika Aasa1, Tobias Sundberg2 and Sofia Bergström3
Yoga and Physiotherapy: Therapies Which Complement Each Other
Shirley Telles*, Ram Kumar Gupta and Acharya Balkrishna