Current Issue

Case Report
An Aggravation of Type II Diabetes Mellitus with Relapse of Lower Respiratory Tract Infection: A Case Study
Likhita Kolli*
Mini Review
Biomarkers in Advanced Prostate Cancer
William Archambault and Gilles Plourde*
Research Article
Hepatobiliary and Cardiovascular Effects Limit the Utility of Systemic TGR5 Agonists in Diabetes
B Ganesh Bhat*1, LeeAnne McLean2, Dean P Phillips1, Judit Markovits3, Shufang Zhao3, Haisong Ju3, Ricardo E Chatelain3, Heather Sullivan1, Gus Welzel1, Carol Trotter1, Yali Chen1, Yang Yang1, Sudeep Chandra3, Shifeng Pan1, Peter McNamara1, H Martin Seidel1,2 and Deborah G Nguyen1
Mini Review
Incentives to Increase Pharmacovigilance Practices from an Educational and Ethical Point of View
Muberra Devrim Guner*1 and Perihan Elif Ekmekci2
Research Article
Current scenario and distribution of NABL Accreditated laboratories in India
Maurya Mitesh R*1 and Maurya Bindulata2