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Short Communication
Virus against Soil Fertilizers?
Navarrete JM*, Morales OY and GarcĂ­a Batlle M
Review Article
Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Innovations in Malaria Control in Nigeria
Review Article
Review on Common Impact and Management of Transboundary Animal Diseases
Biruk Akalu*
Short Communication
Influence of a Kefir-Derived Antimicrobial Fraction on Zika Virus Cytopathic Effects and Lymphocyte Proliferation
Gabrielle Ribeiro de Andrade1, Irys Viana Neves2, Vaniky Duarte Marques2, Monamaris Marques Borges2, Tiago Antonio Martinhago Broring3, Marina Tavares dos Anjos4, Renato Mancini Astray5 and Marta de Oliveira Domingos2*
Variations of Influenza A H3N2 Virus in Hong Kong in 2014 Winter
Chenglong Xiong*