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Review Article
Airway Microbiota and Allergic Diseases: Clinical Implications
Eman M Fouda*
Re-Establishing Stage 0 of COPD
Nikos Siafakas*
Short communication
Relationships among Pulmonary Function Tests, Diffusing Capacity, Gas Exchange and Haemodynamics in Pulmonary Hypertension
AirĂ² E*, Bauleo C, Ripoli A, Formichi B, Pavlickova I, Grotti F, Catapano G, Monti S, Mannucci F, Ndreu R and Prediletto R
Research Article
Ultrasonography Assessment of Diaphragm in Asthmatic Children and Effects of Diaphragm Strengthening Exercise on Angiogenin Level and Pulmonary Functions
Eman M Fouda1, Mahitab Morsy1, Safaa K. Mohamed2, Ahmed. M. El-Kahky3 and Manal A Al Azziz4*
Mini Review
Research Progress of Transcription Factor KLF4 in Lung Cancer
Minjun Dong1, Liang Luo2, Yunlu Jia3, Xianqiu Lu3, Yongcheng Liu1, and Yuan s4*