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Mini Review
Ectopic Tooth in the Maxillary Antrum- A Mini Review
Mohammad Adel Helmy*
Case Report
Metastasis of Retinoblastoma to the Parotid Gland: A Case Report
Said Anajar*, Tatari Moutaa Mohammed, Redallah Abada , Mohammed Roubal and Mohammed Mahtar
Mini Review
Tuberculosis of Tonsil and Its Diagnosis
Sushna Maharjan1*, Puja Neopane2 and Ramesh Parajuli3
When You, the Doctor, are the Scientist
Murray Grossan*
Case Report
Thyroid Tuberculosis Mimicking an Anaplastic Carcinoma: A Rare Presentation
Said Anajar*, Mezzouki Boutaina, Reda Abada, Sami Rouadi, Mohammed Roubal and Mohammed Mahtar