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Mini Review
Is Bruxism A Risk Factor For Dental Implants?
Hassan H Koshak*
Research Article
The New Domes Technique and Its Relation to Nasal Tip Rotation, Projection and Nasal Length- A Cadaveric Study
Fernando Pedroza1, Jaime Ramírez Salcedo2, Elga Taboada Gonzalez2, Alvaro Ferro2, David De Poortere2, Luis Fernando Pedroza3, Enrique Serrano Cruz 2
Letter to Editor
The Use of 3D-printing Technology in Rhinoplasty: Change Horizons, Change Principles, Change Future
Seied Omid Keyhan1-4 and Mohammad Hosein Amirzade-Iranaq5-7*
Research Article
Cepstral Analysis of Voice in Young Children and Adults
Usha Manjunatha*
Review Article
Squamous Cell Carcinoma of External Auditory Canal
Gutiérrez Espinosa, César Alfonso1, Cortes Ponce, José Rosmal Cortes2*, Ruiz Gudiño, Clara2, Falcón García Juan Manuel2, Navarro Anaya and Germán2