Research Article
Analysis of Fungal Flora, Physicochemical and Antimicrobial Properties of Vermicompost and Vermi-Wash Developed Through Green Waste Digestion by Eudrilus eugeniae- A Night Crawler Earthworm
Hruda Ranjan Sahoo, Smita Behera, Madhuchhanda Sahoo, Mayeetreyee Baboo and Nibha Gupta*
Turkish Agricultural Soils and Population
Korkmaz Bellitürk1* and M Cüneyt Bağdatlı2
Research Article
Critical Level of 13C Enrichment for the Successful Isolation of 13C Labeled DNA
Lian Teng-xiang1,2, Wang Guang-hua1, Yu Zhen-hua1, Liu Xiao-bing1 and Jian Jin1*
Research Article
Physiological Studies on Six Wheat (Triticum Aestivum l.) Genotypes for Drought Stress Tolerance at Seedling Stage
S M Mujtaba, Summiya Faisal*, M A Khan, Saba Mumtaz and Barkat Khanzada
Research Article
Performance of Mucuna prurience under Chirpine (Pinus roxburghii) Plantation of Mid Hills of Western Himalayas
Chandra Shekher Sanwal1, Raj Kumar2*, Raheel Anwar3 and SD Bhardwaj4