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Mini Review
Characteristics Improvement of Probiotics Encapsulated with Functional Nanoparticles
Sri Usmiati1*, Djumali Mangunwidjaja2, Erliza Noor2, Nur Richana1 and Endang Prangdimurti3
Short Communication
Argentinean National Plant Protection Network Website
Laura Gasoni*
Mini Review
Combating Cesarean Birth Risks with Probiotic Supplementation Strategies
Ashlesha Bhagwat and Uday S Annapure*
Mini Review
16S rRNA Sequencing for Species Identification in Mixed Cultures for New Bio Preparations in Agriculture
Ostankova Yu V1, Semenov AV1, Pishchik VN2*, Popov AA3 and Totolian Areg A1*
Mini Review
Semantic Annotation on Medical Records
Sayantani Ghosh and Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay*